Who is Babak Pahlavan?

Babak Pahlavan (⁠LinkedIn⁠) has been working on AI since 2008, when he was the Founder and CEO of his first AI startup named CleverSense. CleverSense was ⁠acquired⁠ by Google in 2011, where it became an important personalization layer in Google Maps. Babak went on to spend 11 years at Google as a Senior Director of Product Management, where he led and scaled several large products and teams including Google Analytics, Enterprise Measurement Suite and others. He left Google in October of 2022 to found NinjaTech AI in partnership with ⁠SRI⁠, which is the team's original home of ⁠Siri⁠. NinjaTech AI's mission is to democratize access to AI-powered executive assistants, to give administrative time back to every professional and take the drudgery out of work.

Why this episode?

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