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Your Autonomous AI Agent

Getting tasks done for you

Elevate Your Copilot With Ninja

30% of your time is spent on admin tasks.
Let Ninja do these tasks for you.

Schedule simplifier

Avoid conflicts and find convenient times by letting Ninja schedule your meetings for you.

Showcasing the scheduling features enabled with Atlas by NinjaTech Ai
Showcasing the calendar features enabled with Atlas by NinjaTech Ai

Calendar concierge

Let Ninja analyze, optimize, and organize your calendar in a way that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

Search expert

Receive immediate answers to your most pressing questions, synthesized by Ninja based on web searches.

Showcasing the research capability of Atlas to search the web and summarizes answers
Showcasing the capabilities of Atlas pulling data from multiple large language machines

LLM insights

Research complex topics using multiple foundational LLMs with only one prompt.

Code assistant

Ask Ninja to find and debug code with ease and accuracy.

Showcasing the Code Research Tool. Enabled By Atlas
Showcasing the Atlas app Across multiple platforms.

Available across your devices

Ninja is always available, on your phone, tablet or laptop.


Building The Next-Gen AI Agents, Today

Ninja is not a chatbot responding to prompts, it’s a multi-agent system that
learns and safely generates algorithms to solve problems on-demand.

AI Agents

Inspired by DeepMind’s AlphaGo™, NinjaTech AI has gone beyond solving static games. Our autonomous AI agents continuously adapt to dynamic environments. No playbooks and static decision trees, our agents adjust using multi-agent game theory and goal-oriented execution to complete complex tasks.

Real Time Problem
Solving & Learning

Our AI agents take a step-by-step hierarchical approach to learning, decomposing complex problems into digestible tasks, and creating an execution plan with self-validation. Our AI agents write their own validated code into the neural net of intuition, enabling transfer of learning to pick up new skills quickly.

Streaming Assistants

Talk face-to-face with digital assistants, capture videos of them, and share with others. Using state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5, our assistants are seamlessly delivered via NinjaTech AI’s proprietary cloud streaming technology similar to Microsoft Cloud Gaming, Nvidia’s Geforce or Amazon’s Luna. No specialized hardware required!

NinjaTech AI has been granted 12 AI/ML DARPA-funded patents from SRI.
Five of these patents are exclusive.

Ninja Is The Evolution Beyond Siri™

Choose Ninja to schedule, research, advise, code and more.
The next chapter in AI Agents is here.

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Atlas one of the many avatars available in Atlas
Nico one of the many avatars available in Atlas
Ash one of the many avatars available in Atlas
Jackie one of the many avatars available in Atlas