The Problem

The average employee spends 69 days per year on admin tasks.


Mins / day

Navigating Productivity Apps


Hours / week

Schedule Meetings


Days / month

Reading & sending email

About Us

A new paradigm shift in conversational AI for business

We are a group of ex-Google, ex-Meta & ex-AWS dreamers who are coming together once again to make working professionals around the world far more productive in their day to day jobs.

As an AI-first company, we believe with the recent advances in Generative AI and Large Language Models, we as humanity are at the cusp of forever changing how we interact with computers. We believe, for the first time, it’s now possible to start interacting with computers conversationally, just like how we interact with people, and ask for help to get things done. 


Founder, CEO


Co-Founder, CTO

Former Director & Ai Systems Co-Design leader @ Meta, built large scale Ai systems for Meta’s core business with focus on recommendation, NLP and content understanding. Previously founder of 2x startups, Decasense – An Ai video intelligence platform (acquired by Sensity) and Citadelica – Pioneering SDN based network appliances. Sam has also led numerous technical initiatives at Broadcom, Marvell and Boeing.

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