Welcome back to another scintillating FUTUREPROOF conversation! Our guest this week is with Babak Pahlavan, an incredible mind in the world of technology and AI. A product thinker and a seasoned entrepreneur who sold his startup CleverSense to Google in 2011, then spent more than a decade with the company, Babak brings a wealth of experience to his new venture, Ninja Tech, which is looking to revolutionize the AI space.

In this interview, Babak shares his insightful perspectives on the evolving roles of AI as co-pilots and autopilots in our lives, tackling both the technical intricacies and the broader impacts on society. His vision for a future where AI enhances human capabilities is not just fascinating—it's a glimpse into a world where technology and empathy intersect. So, buckle up and get ready for a thought-provoking ride into the future, starting right now.